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Waveland Civic Center

Waveland, MS

The Lathan Company received the AIA Mississippi Merit Award for their work on the Waveland Civic Center.

History – The historic Waveland Civic Center was built in the early 1920’s and served as the city’s elementary school until 1980 when it became the local civic center. The city of Waveland was at the very center of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and was hit directly by the immense storm’s forceful eyewall. The Civic Center was the only significant historical structure that survived the 32-foot storm surge and winds. The building was thought to be unrepairable due to its being submerged by over 12 feet of water, but Governor Haley Barbour chose it as the first site to receive state funding for reconstruction. In July of 2009, the Civic Center was completely restored to its original beauty.


​Lathan's Contributions:

Also, being located on the Gulf Coast, the Lathan Company felt the impact of Hurricane Katrina and was determined to help a damaged community bring back one of their most precious treasures. The Lathan Company shored up each wall to allow the remaining structure and materials to be utilized in the rebuilding process. A total reconstruction was performed from installing new pumps, subfloor, walls, a restored parapet and roof. The main task was the bricking of the building and the assurance that the bricks would match the original. Through the careful restoration efforts of The Lathan Company, Waveland Civic Center is once again the historic center of the community.

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