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Netherlands Carillon

Arlington, VA


The Netherlands Carillon Tower is a national monument gifted by the people of the Netherlands to the people of the United States to thank America for liberating the Netherlands during World War II and helping rebuild the Dutch economy through the Marshall Plan. The Carillon and its 50 bells symbolize the friendship between the two nations, which share a common history and values, including a dedication to democracy, entrepreneurship, and the freedom of speech and religion


​Lathan's Contributions:

Lathan carefully tracked all components down to a bare steel superstructure. Each piece was documented so that it went back into its original position. The components were brought to Alabama to restore by artisans skilled in refurbishing metal. While the Lathan Alabama Team restored the components, the Arlington team meticulously reinforced the superstructure.


After all components were refurbished (or replaced in kind due to severe deterioration), Lathan reassembled the Tower. The final outcome is a fully restored monument that will live on for generations to come.

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